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    Regenerating Serum

    The serum provides the skin with useful substances; the active ingredients contained therein fight against aging process, reduce wrinkle formation, can reduce mime wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, moisturize skin. Suitable for dry, very dry, normal, combination skin.

    Scalp Exfoliant Wise Unisex Intensive

    What will nourish Your scalp skin?

    Driu Beauty Scalp Exfoliant. Product pH 3.7 - 3.8.


    What helps to activate the scalp skin?

         * Fermented mineral complex

         * 4% of gluconolactone (PHA acid)

         * 1,5% of salicylic acid

         * Caffeine

         * Vitamin B3

         * Glicerin

         * Aloe vera extract


    Why scalp's skin is pleased with Driu Beauty Scalp Exfoliant?

         * Suitable for all skin types.

         * Intensive scalp's exfoliation, removes dead skin cells and regulates production of sebum.

         * Loads scalp and hair with active materials.

         * Tones, promotes regeneration and microcirculation.

         * Strengthens hair folicle and roots.

         * Activates hair growth.

         * Soothes and maintains moisture balance and protective barier.

         * Prevents environmental damage, provides with antioxidants.

    Body Exfoliant Wise Unisex PHA/AHA

    This exclusive body exfoliant contains PHA and AHA acids for scrubbing and not mechanical particles that damage skin protective barrier. The acids gently remove the layer of dead cells from the skin, moisturises, strengthens skin protective barrier and fights free radicals. This body exfoliant improves skin condition, combats environmental effect and skin problems.

    • This body exfoliant is designed for women, men and adolescents (from 12 to 14 years old) to optimally maintain skin condition.
    • For all skin types.
    • Suitable for sensitive skin.
    • No mechanical particles.
    • With lactobionic and lactic acids and gluconolactone.
    • Studies show that PHA acids are well tolerated by the skin with eczema and dermatitis problems.
    • With prebiotics.
    • Does not dry skin and helps maintain moisture balance.
    • Strengthens skin protective barrier.
    • Gently removes the layer of dead cells.