• Radiant Skin Starts with Driu Beauty Cosmetics!

    Driu Beauty is wise cosmetics which combines natural ingredients and substances of synthetic origin required for the right daily skin care.

    These are very high quality, luxury, exclusive cosmetic products adapted to the Lithuanian climate, for a self-caring, wise, stylish and independent woman.

    Only scientific research-based, human skin beneficial ingredients are used in these cosmetics. Ingredients that cause allergic reactions and irritate skin, including dyes and odours that may cause allergic reactions, are not used.

    The ingredients present in the composition are intended to maintain perfect skin condition, protect it against environmental impact and to slow down aging processes, as well as wrinkle formation. 


    WISE COSMETICS line consists of 13 products designed for daily care of all skin types. The line has been created in cooperation with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

    The line “WISE COSMETICS” may be defined as follows:

    - Optimal concentrations of proper natural ingredients.

    - Exclusive synthetic elements scientifically proved as positively affecting skin, which help maintain healthy skin condition, protect against harmful environmental and sun effect, slow down skin aging and wrinkle formation.

    - 5-10 times higher concentrations of active substances in comparison to the used ones in cosmetic industry – antioxidants, moisturizers, vitamins, acids, elements identical to skin cells, skin nourishing and soothing ingredients, ingredients that promote production of collagen, elastin and cell renewal.

    - Opaque and safe dosed product packaging, which helps protect active substances and vitamins from harmful exposure to light and sun, extend their operation and protect against contamination.

    - 97-98% of the composition consist of beneficial ingredients and only 2-3% consist of carefully selected auxiliary substances to create the product and maintain its texture.

    All Driu Beauty cosmetic products were subject to dermatological, stability and other mandatory tests for cosmetics.

  • Top sellers

    Facial cleanser is designed for oily and combination skin. It well removes dirt and excess sebum, calms skin.


    Suitable for all skin types. The serum helps skin get rid of dead cells, purifies, reduces wrinkle formation, evens colour, increases skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production. The product contains 7.5% glycolic acid, pH of the product is 3.5.
    WARNING: while using this product, the skin must be protected from the sun, use the product together with protection from the sun. This serum may increase skin's sensitivity.